SXSW Virtual Cinema 2017

For SXSW 2017 Virtual Cinema, we were asked to provide technical support for the Virtual Cinema, which housed the thirty-seven 360 and Room-Scale Experiences that were in competition at SXSW 2017 in the Virtual Reality section, and an out-of-competition exhibit of works-in-progress by Kaleidoscope VR.

WonderTek Labs’ Chief Dreamweaver, Nathaniel Pinzon, managed on-site troubleshooting and tech support for Virtual Cinema, which was curated and organized by SXSW’s head of VR programming, Blake Kammerdiener. The SXSW setup was in a large ballroom at the JW Marriott in downtown Austin and had multiple Vive setups and 360 installations as well as a waitlist management system on tablets.

WonderTek Labs’ Chief Imaginator and CEO, Kim Voynar, served on the inaugural SXSW Virtual Reality Jury, alongside Owlchemy Labs CEO Alex Schwartz and documentary filmmaker Gary Hustwit (Helvetica).

SXSW 2017 Virtual Cinema

Felix & Paul Studios exhibit within SXSW 2017 Virtual Cinema

Nature VR’s Virtual Cinema exhibit at SXSW 2017.

“Fistful of Stars” at the SXSW Virtual Reality Cinema


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