Super Geek League: Hallucination Engine

Super Geek League hired us to integrate an emerging tech element into their Hallucination Engine show at the off-Broadway venue Gramercy Theater in New York City for a one-night performance.


The storyline of the show is about a mad scientist who turns his mutant son, the Contemplative Dwarf,  into a Hallucination Engine to dream up new worlds for him to control; the son dreams up crazy worlds filled with sci-fi psychedelic clowns who start a clown revolution, overthrowing his father.  The live performance involved a 12 piece band, stilt walkers, juggling, contortionists, clowns, acrobats, aerial and various technical elements.

Our piece, the Hallucination Engine, was a 180 3D camera custom built for us by VRTube, which was integrated into the mechanical character of the mutant son. We had the camera built with the lenses adjusted to provide a view from the stage that emphasized the 3D and gave the sense of being bigger than the audience.

During the show, the camera live-streamed the camera view to six GearVR headsets in the audience that performers in costume took around the audience,  allowing the audience to slip inside the immersive view of the Hallucination Engine to watch the show from the perspective of the Dwarf as the character “dreams” the scene you’re immersed in.

*All photos by Oro Whitley

More photos of the Super Geek League Presents: Hallucination Engine show at the Gramercy Theater in NYC after the jump.