Seattle International Film Festival 2017 – SIFF PlayTank™

In addition to curating the festival’s 360 Storytelling Pop-Up, WonderTek Labs built out a PlayTank™ – a concept we’ve been developing to help festivals and conferences increase access to leading edge emerging technologies and content in a hands-on, less formally structured format, built specifically around the event’s overall audience and needs.

In SIFF’s case, we built their PlayTank™ to help them bring together Seattle’s vibrant, deeply established film community with its burgeoning 360/VR scene in a space designed to make emerging tech accessible in a hands-on way while facilitating connection, creative conversations and the potential for future collaborations.

The PlayTank™ day kicked off with a Geekout Breakout breakfast session, where expert mentors and participants connected and chatted informally in small, topic-focused circles. PlayTank™ participants also got to be among the first to hear about Valve’s new initiative for getting video content – including 360 video content – onto their Steam game engine using  Pixvana’s SPIN Studio platform, which is currently in beta. They also enjoyed a fascinating workshop with one of the hardest working humans in 360, Mettle CEO Chris Bobotis, who walked them through Mettle’s 360/VR plug-ins for Adobe’s Premiere Pro film editing software.

Upstairs in the PlayTank™ space, participants got to get their hands on gear and content demos from Hololens, Google, CoMotion Labs, SIXR and Pixvana and interact with experts in the 360/VR storytelling space, many of whom were on-hand at the PlayTank™ as mentors before participating in that day’s VR Forums.

More PlayTank™ pics after the break.