Oxford Film Festival 2017

For the 2017 Oxford Film Festival, the fest shifted to a submission model to program a slate of competition entries for a virtual reality section. WonderTek Labs’ Kim Voynar was brought on as head progammer for the festival’s “Fest Foward” section (virtual reality and “new media”)  reviewing 146 entries to curate a slate of six new media entries and 10 diverse virtual reality/360 video experiences. WonderTek Labs then came in to manage technical direction and support of the festival’s VR demo exhibition at the Powerhouse community arts center. We also ran demos during the Fest Forward VIP Party.

The 2017 VR Experiences we curated for OFF 2017 included: “Ashes,” “Haunt,” “I, Philip,” “Umphree’s McGee – ‘Puppet String’,” “The Rock Presents: Escape from Calypso Island,” “Back to the Summer,” “Nobel’s Nightmare,” “Tomorrow,” “Songs of the Vine,” and “Say it with Music.”