What We’ve Been Up To

the-veldt-023Audiences everywhere want to know more about  virtual reality and other emerging technologies, and many smaller regional film, music and art festivals and B2B conferences are responding to that demand,  wanting to add virtual reality demos to their event programs. But if you’re already swamped programming a festival or other event and suddently find yourself tasked with figuring out this whole VR thing, knowing where to even begin can be a challenge. That’s where WonderTek Labs comes in.  Don’t know what VR content is available, or even what kind of content to  showcase at your festival or event? We can help you figure that out. Have a virtual reality demo that you need to showcase at a conference?  Overwhelmed by the millions of little technical details that go into executing VR demos for the public? It’s cool, we’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve got your back.

VR Panel at SIFFX 2016

Whatever your current knowledge of virtual reality, we can help bring your festival, conference or event VR demos that will wow and amaze your audience, curating in a diverse array of content depending on your specific audience and needs, or providing technical direction and support to demo content you already have. We can also program panels on virtual reality and emerging tech, bring in expert speakers to meet your needs, and even help you plan a killer visually immersive party or happy hour event with VR demos.

Opening Night VIP Bash @ The Veldt, Tacoma Film Festival 2016