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On the Evolution of Music in the Virtual Future

The Posies’ Jon Auer on set in front of Two-Bit Circus’ Google Jump Rig

One of the things we’re most interested in exploring at WonderTek Labs is the space where art and audience intersect, and nowhere does this have more power and potential than within the intersection of music, immersive theater techniques and tricks, and emerging technology. Since we started WonderTek Labs, we’ve been deep-thinking about how all these things might fit together in a future where technology and the ability of audiences to interact with the music artists create begins to shift what music even means.

All art exists in three spaces: First within the mind of the artist; second within its physical manifestation as a work of art the artist creates; and third in the space where that art intersects with each individual who experiences that work.  As currently emerging technologies being developed now in the 360 video, virtual reality, augmented reality, extended reality spaces and artificial intelligence continue to expand and evolve, we are going to bear witness to a complete reimagining of what music and art mean.  We at WonderTek Labs are working with highly creative music clients at the forefront of cutting edge (in some cases bleeding edge) technology to help shape this future.

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