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Stop Being Poor: Access, Diversity & Opportunity Hoarding

stop-being-poorA few days ago I shared this Washington Post piece that breaks down the facts that dispel (yet again) the myth that poor kids just need to try harder.  The article points out that inequity starts at the cradle, but even that’s not entirely accurate. The inequity at the root of lack of access and opportunity is often part of a much deeper and systemic cycle of poverty and class stratification. This related Post piece discusses how your social position and economic class in first grade are prime indicators of what social strata you will occupy as an adult (or even the likelihood that you’ll reach adulthood at all).

Consider if you will my own kids, who have a great deal of privilege and access. My ex (their dad) works for Amazon and makes a solid six-figure salary.  None of our kids have ever wanted for anything. They’ve never worried about whether there was food in the fridge and pantry for dinner, or whether there would be presents under the tree Christmas morning, or if the power would work when they flipped a light switch. They’ve never not had access to technology in their home.  They all have video games, laptops, access to high-powered desktops, smartphones and other devices. They may not be in the top 1% of wealth, but as white kids growing up in Seattle with a dad who earns a high tech salary they most certainly are among the privileged “haves.”

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