What We Do

Google Jump Rig #2, the artsy shot
On set at The Posies “Unlikely Places” 360/3D Stereoscopic music video shoot:  Two Bit Circus’s Google Jump Rig #2

At WonderTek Labs, a Seattle-based boutique 360/XR content and consulting studio, we’re working on the leading edge – and sometimes the bleeding edge – of the 360/XR space. From producing, directing and editing groundbreaking 360 video content; to evolving the language and structure of immersive editing and interactive storytelling; to helping festivals and events curate diverse, state-of-the-art 360/XR content and panels; to consulting with enterprise clients on a range of technical and producing aspects related to 360/XR content – we are working deep in the trenches of this emerging tech.

WonderTek Labs was recently selected for Google’s JumpStart Initiative program, and we are pushing hard against the fabric of the tech today with half a dozen projects we have under development using the Jump Odyssey rig.  We’re particularly interested in the space where audience intersects, reacts to, and interacts with art, and in projects that explore ways to utilize this emerging tech to build and grow connections and communities through the universal languages of art and music, and we have some bigger projects in development incorporating bringing video into game engine.

Interested in talking with us about consulting with you on your 360/XR programming or content needs? Shoot an email to kim@wonderteklabs.com and we’ll connect with you.