What We Do

Google Jump Rig #2, the artsy shot
On set at The Posies “Unlikely Places” 360/3D Stereoscopic music video shoot:  Two Bit Circus’s Google Jump Rig #2

At WonderTek Labs, we’re imaginating the future of the virtual reality + augmented reality space while evangelizing this rapidly developing media in the present.  We’ve been following the evolution of VR+AR for nearly three years now, deeply exploring how this technology will evolve to allow audiences to create, experience, interact with and share music and visual art.  We recently produced and directed the first 360 / 3D stereoscopic music video for indie music legends The Posies, which has been submitted to several major festivals.

We’re pushing against the fabric of the tech today with several music and art-related projects we have under development.  We’re particularly interested in the space where audience intersects, reacts to, and interacts with art, and in projects that explore ways to utilize this emerging tech to build and grow connections and communities through the universal languages of art and music.

Before you can build communities in virtual space, though, you first have to make virtual space accessible to more and more people. We believe strongly that the best way to help people start to wrap their brains around all the potentialities of the virtual future is to start exactly how we and our peers working in VR did: by putting on a head-mounted device (HMD) for the first time and immersing.  That’s why part of what we do right now is evangelize this emerging technology by bringing virtual reality content demos and unique explorations of immersive art and music to live events like smaller regional film, art and music festivals and corporate retreats and holiday parties.